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7Solutions in Gas Detection: Technical Quality is everything to us

7Solutions in Gas Detection: Technical Quality is everything to us

Every human being is born with a natural longing to seek, a certain need to grow beyond the boundaries we create for ourselves. 

I too feel this longing, but as I have come to learn during my career; growing comes with failure. And I failed a lot. I failed, time and again, but fortunately; I've never let my failures stop me. 

I followed through the hardships, and allthough I did not always recognize it at first glance, in every failure there were great lessons that could be learned. So I started pushing myself even more to the point where I would fail. Just so to reach a point where I could gain more insight about how things work and even more important; why they sometimes don’t.

By pushing myself like this, I was able to train and fine-tune my perceptive skills. As time passed I saw big improvements in my ability to recognize where the weak links in a system would be, and how to best tackle these weak points, very much like finding the best solution for a puzzle.

So I decided I wanted to use these skills; by sharing my knowledge and taking responsibility for the quality process, so that everyone may benefit from it and feels comfortable in doing their work.

At 7 solutions I am in the very fortunate position where I am able to follow my passions, and where I am stimulated in my growing process. I feel lucky to be in a place where I am surrounded by people who share the same passion. Working with people who share your vision and motives just makes it so easy to be productive. The need for micromanaging every tiny process disappears and valuable energy and resources are focused on where they are the most effective. This makes it possible for us to achieve very high levels of quality in our products and services without the need for expensive control mechanisms to maintain integrity.

One could achieve great results by following their passion; but working together with people that share your motives, will create boundless new opportunities and make a beautiful experience.

Together, everyday we try to improve the quality of our products, and of our processes as well. So what does this mean practically? It means we will not blindly trust in product or order specifications alone, we will verify the data. It means that the gas concentrations in the cylinders used for the calibration of your important and life-saving  measuring instruments are analyzed and checked to be inside specifications before we deliver your products to you. It means we will perform testing of instruments and sensors, for you, so you won’t have to set up expensive testing equipment and perform these time consuming tests yourself.

All the knowledge we have obtained with our years of  experience, we would like to share with you. That is why we offer you several courses and seminars, complimentary to our detection solutions; so that you can expand your knowledge about gas detection and profit from improving the quality in your own work-processes as well. And if you have any problem or question? Make the call, we are there for you!

To define quality is not just about claiming it, it is to constantly keep observing and improving; so you make sure that you will deliver it.


7Solutions has its own service and maintenance department where we can service any gas detection instrument, no matter what brand or age.

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