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7Solutions in Gas Detection: this is our philosophy

The philosophy of 7Solutions is to support our customers in their challenges. Service, technical support and solution-orientated-thinking is the way we want to make our customers happy.

One of our recent stories started in February this year. A initiator, studying Applied Science, reached out to us. He asked us to help him solve a technical problem regarding Hydrogen Sulphide and the nuisance of various surroundings such as one of the biggest wastewater transport pipeline in Holland. This pipeline was situated near several villages and cities. During the long and beautifully warm summer of 2018,  there was a lot nuisance due to the typical scents of these sewage lines. Especially nearby pump stations and inspection facilities the nuisance was enormous.

The initiator had the task to find out what the relation was between the weather, the flow inside the pipeline and possibly what other gas components  there were in the pipeline. 7Solutions developed a system to monitor various gases and generate useable data  in order to monitor the pipeline. At normal usage, the pipeline has several Lava filters to lower the emission of hydrogen sulphide. We measured concentrations at the input of the Lava filters and at the output of the Lava filters. This way we measured the functionality of lava filters. But in order to do this, we had to face some challenges; the gas was very high in humidity and the materials we used had to be very resistant as the gas was very corrosive. Also, there is a possibility that the concentrations of Hydrogen Sulphide can be enormous, so safety was also very important.

7Solutions started with placing extraction connections in the lines. This way we knew for sure  that we can safely connect our devices to the system. Our fixed online gas monitor or our portable devices, can be used in this situation for example.  We installed a complete sampling system, by doing this, a full online measurement can take place. During a period of 4 months, we gathered a lot of data about the gas concentrations so we could compare them to the weather statistics and all other parameters like flow and composition of the wastewater. Also we made several changes to the system in order to adjust the measurement and optimize the output of the system. Furthermore, we took several measurements with portable analysers to validate the system. By doing this, the reliability of the system is ensured. With this equipment we developed the possibility to detect and monitor several other gases. During this trial period 7Solutions also tested the sensors and kept track of their data.

When I look back, I thought this was a very successful cooperation and we are sure the knowledge will be spread widely amongst the wastewater Treatment Industry.

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