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The benefits of accessories in gas detection

The benefits of accessories in gas detection

At 7Solutions we make it our job to provide you with the best solutions in gas detection. Most of the time, it is not only the gas detector that makes a solution a fit for a customer’s application. Did you know that the accessories, and the quality of the accessories, are just as important?

For example: a customer wants to measure something in a tank or a manhole, everybody knows he needs a pumped detector, like the WatchGas POLI or an Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro 5 with a slide-on pump. Now we have the means to draw the sample to the detector and interpret the readings on the display.

POLI gasdetection

The next thing you would need is a sampling hose, these come in many shapes and sizes. But their a few things to keep in mind, like adsorption of the hose you use. Some hoses have such high adsorption that the gasses present at the sample point, will never reach the detector. That why we use the sample hose from WatchGas. The Last-O-More is tested with a gas chromatograph to prove it has the lowest adsorption available in the market.

ballfloat lastomore

Who says you only draw up gasses present in the manhole, the sample point can accidently be placed in fluid or a small puddle. To tackle this problem, we always recommend using a Ballfloat with a pumped detector. This ball float will float on the fluids present in the to be measured space, and only allows gas to pass through.

hard case gasdetection

But hoses and Ballfloats are not the only accessory that makes a great solution. When you work with either lone workers connected through the cloud with an Inet solution or someone who uses their safety set for CO daily. Is it wise to just send them the detector? No, we advise to lengthen the lifetime of gas detection using protective leather cases and study storage case.

But this example is just to be used on one application. For fixed projects we always utilize the ATEX beacon and beacon sounder to enhance the alarms. But we will leave that for another time.

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