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7Solutions in Gas Detection: Contaminated instruments need service too

Our instruments save lives in the most demanding environments. By using them in contaminated areas, they get contaminated themselves.

With chemicals, contaminated water, dust, asbestos, anything that gets carried by air or water.

When you work with instruments in contaminated environments, make sure it is properly calibrated. Also make sure all the filters are in place, because preventing part of the contaminations from entering the instrument saves wear, time and cost when cleaning them. If you work in high concentration environments, make sure you have the right sensor. Sometimes, even dilution kits are available to save the sensor and internals of the instrument.

With that out of the way, what happens when a contaminated instrument enters our technical department?

Our customers are asked to mention when they send their instruments to us, whether or not the instrument has been contaminated. So, we have practices in place to make sure we can handle them safely and efficiently. When the instrument is dropped off, we ask about contamination once more.

When in doubt, our first step is to measure the surrounding air of the instrument with a high resolution PID instrument, like a ppbRAE or UltraRAE. When an instrument is contaminated, we work on a special bench with an extractor hood to ensure our safety. Also, we have developed best practices to prevent asbestos contamination for our employees.

Every instrument is thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Contaminated parts that are beyond cleaning are replaced. After that, functionality is checked and the instrument is calibrated. An as good as new instrument leaves the service department with traceable certificates on their way.

These practices and tools make sure we can service contaminated instruments without further ado, practically not even losing time on them. That’s why we can still promise our best-in-market service lead times, even on contaminated equipment.


7Solutions has its own service and maintenance department where we can service any gas detection instrument, no matter what brand or age.

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